First 24 hours
Avoid face washing
Avoid hot shower
Avoid spa facial services
Avoid sauna, steam room, swimming
Avoid spray tanning
Avoid humid environments
AFTER 24 hours
Use lash cleanser daily to wash extensions
Avoid waterproof mascara
(we recommend Xtreme Lashes mascara)
and waterproof eyeliner products
Avoid face washing
Tips to remember
It is normal to experience lash shedding. We shed on average, between 2-3 lashes per day, and this shedding will be more noticeable with your wear of lash extensions.  In order to beautifully maintain your lash extensions for regular wear, we recommend that you book your refills between 1-3 weeks.
If you experience any irritation, please avoid attempting to remove them yourself, as this can result in damage to your natural lashes. Our experienced lash technicians will safely remove them for you.
You are not a good candidate for lash extensions if you are allergic to medical tape or any type of adhesives, or know that you are very sensitive in the eye area.
Please disclose any eye conditions, injuries, medications or treatments used on/in or affecting the eye area prior to your scheduled service.  Before coming to your lash appointment, please have makeup free, clean lashes.
It is not required, but if you prefer to take out your contacts lenses prior to your treatment please bring lens solution and a travel case with you.
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