Welcome to the world of lash extensions!  
Extending the length of your lashes is the quickest way to give your face an instant pick me up.  Lash extensions are individually adhered to the base of your lash hairs, mimicking a natural lash line. Lashes come in various curls (from flat to super curly), and in a wide range of lengths and diameters.  Let our artists design a flattering look that compliments your unique eye shape.  
Tips prior to your lash appointment
No eye makeup please
No applying oil based moisturizers/creams on lashes or near eye area
You are not a good candidate for lash extensions if your eyes are very sensitive and react easily to cosmetics or chemicals
Tips for lash extensions aftercare
Avoid bathing / showering or washing face for minimum of 24 hrs
Avoid hot steam / spa facial treatments
Wash face and lashes with oil-free / water based gel or foaming cleansers
Avoid using oil based eye makeup removers , makeup wipes , cotton balls, washcloths
When removing makeup from lash extensions, use makeup cleanser and massage lashes with hands , then rinse
Avoid opening hot ovens , saunas
Avoid rigorous exercise and swimming activities for at least 24 hrs
Avoid activities that require placing pressure on your lashes , such as spa massages, rubbing of the eyes, drying aggressively with towel after shower
Avoid pulling or attempting to remove the extensions at home , please book a lash extensions removal with us so we can safely remove them for you with professional solution, without any damage to your natural lashes
For maintenance we recommend coming in for a refill between 2-4 weeks from your last appointment
Yes you may use lash growth serums simultaneously with extensions to keep natural lashes strong
Yes you may apply makeup on your extensions
Shedding is a natural process to expect , as time goes on your extensions will gradually shed with your natural hair growth cycle, along with your lifestyle / sleeping habits
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