New Clients

Lash Prep

Come with clean, makeup free lashes.Remove existing mascara and/or eyeliner makeup with non-oil based products.

Avoid getting lashed if you have had any recent allergies, rashes, or aggravations relating to your eyes or skin on the face.  Wait a minimum of 2 weeks after condition has improved, or as directed by your physician.

Post Lash

Instructions for the first 24 hours

- Avoid contact with water and steam. We recommend using a washcloth or facial brush to cleanse face, avoiding the eye area.

- Avoid hot showers, hot baths, and excessive exercising, swimming or other physical activity.

- Avoid mascara.

- Avoid sleeping with stomach side down.

- Avoid using oil based eye-cream or cleansers.

Instructions after 24 hours

- Use oil-free face wash/makeup remover. We recommend using a foaming oil-free cleanser or gel cleanser.

- Eye-liner should be removed using a Q-tip dipped in water based eye makeup remover. Avoid using cotton pads/balls.

- Avoid waterproof mascara. We recommend using lash-extension mascara.

- Regularly cleanse/brush your lashes with a clean, disposable mascara wand or lash comb while lashes are wet. Comb through base towards tip of lashes.

- Easy glide on eye-liner pencils or liquid liners are recommended.

- Avoid rubbing or pulling of lashes.